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To begin the transformation, we start by exploring your willingness. What are you willing to step into today? What new version of yourself are you willing to become? What wounds are you willing to heal? What parts of yourself are you willing to change and transmute in order to start your healing journey?


The next step is to bring awareness to your struggles. What are you having trouble with? What is burdening your mind? By shining a light in these dark places without judgement, we can understand why we are in this pattern, and what we can do to change it.


The saying goes, “it takes two to tango.” As we move into the responsibility phase, we will explore and ask the question of what role are you playing in this struggle? Is it a dance between your heart and your mind? Your ego and your self? You and another person in your life? 

Once you are aware, understanding, and taking responsibility for your actions, we’ll move to the next phase, which is forgiveness.


We’ve shed light on our issues and taken responsibility for the roles that we play in the creation of our reality. Now, we move into letting go and releasing all parties involved in the creation of your current reality.


Our final step in this process is to say Thank You Universe for the lessons You have taught me, and to ask the question: What lessons did you gain from this?

Let’s put your life into focus

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