Spiritual Guidance

What Is Spiritual Guidance?

Spiritual Guidance is a conversation between us.

Discover freedom from your traumas while re-discovering your Inner Self in a true, authentic way. Liberate yourself from people and situations that previously triggered you, and examine those situations with new-found curiosity.

  • I listen and provide a kind, non-judgmental space guided by love and compassion to guide you through your traumas or triggers.
  • I walk you hand in hand to the desired goal of Peace.
  • I introduce skills and techniques to help you integrate so that you won’t be dependent on anyone outside yourself as you grow forward.

As a professional listener, a Guide is a person who listens intently to the words, feelings & beliefs that you currently possess and mirror them back to you for you to decide whether they are still true or need to be upgraded. A Guide does not tell you what to do but simply points in a direction for you to discover within yourself while feeling supported and confident to discover the peace that you know is there but has evaded you until NOW! This simple process will empower you to locate all that you have desired within yourself, eliminating outside sources from filling what you ‘think’ is missing in your life.

The Process

I can tell you that the process IS simple. That healing IS simple. That finding your Inner Peace IS simple. Yet we make it seem so hard with all the mental traps and conditioning that has been programmed into us from our youth. 

Although our programming has affected us negatively up till now, Know that it’s only there for us to transcend beyond those thoughts of limitations. That up until now, this conditioning has seemingly impaired you, but now it’s time to turn the tide and swing the pendulum to other side. Those old patterns are the very thing that will Free you. They are the entry point into healing. They are not here to burden us, but to release us from our prison of pity and suffering, and as the “Witnesser” of our True Self, it is our role to expand consciousness by transcending these circumstances. By realizing that everyone throughout our lives have merely played a role and was there to help us overcome the obstacle through awareness. That this is God’s way of being here, now, through our vision, through our thoughts, and through our consciousness. We are only here to rise above the difficulties and bring heaven to earth through us.

My Committment To You

Coaching is based on a relationship between you and I.  My intention is to honor that relationship first and foremost with honesty and integrity.  I am in service to you and your growth.

I am always open to your feedback and the ultimate creation of value for you.  If you feel that is not taking place, please communicate with me so that we can make corrections.

I am committed to honoring our time together, and utilizing it in the most effective manner.  I will often end a session with action items for you to commit to.  It is your responsibility to follow through.  I will support you as needed to help facilitate that.

In between your sessions, you may require some assistance. You will be able to text me with your clear and detailed issue and I will do my best to respond within 24 hours

Let’s put your life into focus

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