Kind Words

Compassionate, Safe and surrounded by Integrity.

When I first met Chris, I saw this young, brash guy filled with that LA fuel. Then he started speaking and I began to understand his Heart.

It was when I started talking to him that I recognized his strength. His openness.  A Willingness to listen and learn. A true connection to his own Soul.

Over a year later and thousands of conversations with him, I know who Chris is. I know his journey. The Path he has been led to.

He has been guided to be of Service. Not in the way you see those big toothed smiling guys who promise you gobs of success as long as you buy their stuff and increase their wealth. Chris has a Divine intention to assist those in need of Healing.  He has a skillset you’d expect from someone my age.

His Wisdom is like something you read about from far East wanderers. His guidance is filled with compassion and a true heart. He is God Centered and has a deep Faith in God’s Will. He is the sort of person you want to hear on the other end of the phone that listens to you and guides you through your troubles, triggers and mental blocks.

He has that presence about him that can lead you to Peaceful recoveries or a balanced mind while holding your hand virtually through a Zoom session. This is the guy you want  to walk through your tough times with. To assist you in attaining that Peace you’ve been  missing. He’s the one you can count on to always do the next right thing. His name is Chris Birky. I call him my Brother in God

Soaring Bear

Chris’ tools helped me rebuild my life from the ground up. Now, I am excited about life, making three times my annual salary, and on the Dean’s list while getting my bachelor’s degree!

Michelle B.

Chris saved my marriage. My husband was hiding a prescription drug habit from me and had started the withdrawal symptoms before I knew what he was even going through. With strategic support and coaching we made it through!


Chris showed me that I don’t have to be defined by my pain, and I can’t thank him enough every day.

Ali H.

I got a second chance at life! Chris helped me fight my addiction with pain pills, stood by me without judgement, and provided invaluable support and accountability. I regained control of my life, and gained an inspiration and even better friend!